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About EXPOförbundet

The Swedish Association of Advertising Studios (Sveriges EXPO Förbund - SEF)

Selling without beeing seen is almost impossible. Let us help you to be seen! At trade fairs, at exhibitions - in all selling situations.

Good exhibition technique is more important now than ever before. The Swedish Association of Advertising Studios (Sveriges EXPO Förbund - SEF) consists of this country's leading exhibition companies. We know this job. Since our start in 1945, we've grown stronger and better. And that would never have been possible without satisfied customers. Lots of satisfied customers. And we have room for more: customers we can commit our self to, devote our professional skills to, take responsibility for - with all our experience and sensible prices.

We know trade fairs. We know exhibitions. They're our specialities. You want to be seen - and to sell. We can help you. In SEF, skilled professionalism joins forces with modern technique. That's a great combination. Try it. You'll see. And so will your customers!